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Founded in 1964 by Raymond Parra and Jack Kasper, Atlas Desk has prided itself on being a family owned and operated business. The company first opened their doors on Canal Street in New York City and relocated to Newark, New Jersey shortly after the onset of the historical Newark riots. In 1982, Atlas Desk moved it's operations to 50 Lafayette Street which is now home to The Prudential Center.  They would remain there for more than three decades before relocating to the University Heights Section in Newark's College District on Central Avenue.

At a time where Newark was not the optimal location for an up and coming small business, its success relied mainly on its founder’s values. "Ray and Jack" as many knew them, only having grammar school educations, instilled their principals of strong work ethic and loyalty to each other and those who lives they touched. With their integrity and charisma, they instantly began to establish  a good rapport with local businesses and built many relationships, most  of which still exist today. For this reason, after 50 years, Atlas Desk has maintained its resilience, and has weathered the toughest economic climates.

Today, Atlas Desk remains a family owned and operated business. Now run by Raymond’s children and loyal employees, its founder’s principals remain at the forefront of its everyday operations. As the company grows and moves forward, Atlas Desk continues to be a great resource for financially conscious companies, offering high-end business furniture solutions at affordable prices.

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